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At RTD Search, we have over 10 years of experience in contingent and retained searches and have placed over 200 people in the construction industry. We have built a reputation as a search firm that will not waste our client's time with candidates that are not excellent fits. We not only know people but know construction and we know what it takes to build an effective team. We understand the importance of having qualified individuals in every facet of construction. 

If you are a candidate considering using RTD Search, take comfort in knowing that almost all of the professionals we have placed were employed at the time of making contact with us and their confidentiality was honored throughout the process. Confidentiality and discretion are critical and we understand that. 

If you are looking to partner with a search firm for your hiring needs, look no further. Integrity and honesty are critical to us. We focus on only the most qualified individuals and have been able to build long lasting relationships with our clients by being straightforward and honest. We check references, ask thorough questions, and will always share both positive and negative information with our clients. We are not afraid to pull a candidate we are representing out of the process if we determine he or she is not the correct fit.

With 30 partners that continue to utilize our services and over 200 successful placements, we feel honored and pleased to be considered the search firm of choice for builders throughout California.

Todd Diabeti